Saturday, August 29, 2009

Speaking Of Punk ...

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Er jeg en fan av den japanske kera-moten? Gjett om jeg er! MinkyShop samlingen fant jeg på ebay, og jeg har lenge vært fascinert av gotiske platåsko (spesielt fra Japan)men aldri visst hvordan jeg kunne bruke dem. Slik er det ikke lenger for å si det sånn. Hva synes du om gotiske platåsko? :)

Am I a fan of Japanese kera fashion? Oh yes! As you probably have noticed, these shoes are from MinkyShop, found them on ebay. I have somewhat always been fascinated by gothic, massive sculptural shoes, but never really known how to use them... But all of that has changed now;) What do you think of ghotic platform shoes? :)

Ps: I have and I´m going to work my ass off the whole weekend, so I hope that you have saved room for inspiration posts!



  1. I love specially the creepers!!! they are amazing! I have ones from Topshop but this winter I want to buy a classic ones ;) Do you know T.U.K?? Is a brand with beautiful shoes!! take a look ;)


  2. oh wow, they are cartoon like in their proportions! are you getting some?


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