Monday, December 14, 2009


Anonymous said...

I wish you would post some pictures more often. You are always inspiring and your blogs is an absolute hit!!

And I say.....

Thank you so much for the inspiring comment!

I must explain why I have been kinda lost lately...
  • I am working on an art project at school, it is like our exams before christmas and I´m, as always really dedicated to the asignment. It is taking alot of time.

  • When I´m not at school I´m at home playing with my sewing machine... Kinda waiting for the winther to settle down, so that it will get lighter outside in other words: better pictures. Tired of taking indoor- pictures.

Meanwhile I can share with you guys what I´m workin on, now days:


I always get inspired by watching gossip girl (guilty pleasure), so right now I working on a jumpsuit! Who can blame me after seeing Stella McCartney´s Lace-Inset Jumpsuit that Serena is wearing:)

The result comming soon!


  1. Hvilken mal bruker du, for å få så store bilder inn?
    Og kunne jeg brukt den samme da?

  2. Hey.. I think I'm maybe the anonymous person which couldn't keep my mouth shutted:
    You are so absolutely welcome. And I know how it is to be tide up on a project, I am in this moment in the exact same situation..
    When I posted my comment it was a pure procrastination for not making my own project.. but you really give me a good reason for procrastinating my schoolwork.. and you may only take that as a good thing.
    I'm impressed and very happy that you took my comment "in" so fast.
    Good luck with it all. I will follow your words!

  3. Hey dear! Wishing you a warm and joyful christmas! how did the exams go? Just finished my anatomy & biology exams. I have never NOT KNOWN so many things in my life :( me right now: brain dead.


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